Geomajas Geometry project

Geomajas Developers and Geosparc


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Configuration
3. How-to

Chapter 1. Introduction

The Geomajas Geometry Project is a stand-alone project under the Geomajas banner. It's goal is to provide a small and efficient geometry model to be used mainly in web environments or as Data Transfer Objects. As an example, the geometry object itself is as basic as possible, while a list of services provide the functionality.

This geometry model is meant to be used in GWT environments, or as the DTO counterpart to JTS or some other rich library, or both. As the dependencies for this project have been kept at a minimum, this geometry model can easily be used within GIS domain models on the web.

Chapter 2. Configuration

In order to use this project through Maven, use the following dependency:



For those not using Maven, this project depends on the Geomajas annotation project.

Chapter 3. How-to

This section covers some examples of how to use the services that are provided on top of the geometry model.